10 Core Secrets to Writing Title of 6 and 7 Figure Marketers

10 Core Secrets to Writing Headline of 6 and 7 Figure Marketers

Writing headline or title of the article is as important as composing the content. Headline appears at first and catches people’s attention and lures their decision to open the post or just pass by.

So that a well-composed headline will more often attracts traffics and shares on social network than another post with less catching title though the content of the so so titled one is better.

This is only psychological matter. Professional Online Marketers always know how to make their article headline, email title…look more catchy in visitor’s vision. I shall list out all of their secret believed as being sure-fire when being applied. You will definitely see the dramatic different either in traffics or revenue.

You can also use these tips for composing Email Marketing to increase your campaign open rate.

Result +Time

Lose 10 pounds in 7 days

Psychological perspective: Human is usually attempting to achieve set-up targets in a narrow range of time.

Trying on making a comparison between two titles “How to lose weight quickly?” and “Lose 10 pounds in 7 days”, you shall feel the difference on level of emotional igniting.

If the post also gives some proofs to raising the persuasive level, you will then rapidly sell the product out.

Marking a puzzle issue

Embarrassed By Your Hair Loss? You Need to See This!

Psychological perspective: Obviously, people never neglect on a potential solution on their current issues.

You need to understand deeply your targeted group of customers before naming the headline. For example, you’re having a campaign on Email Marketing for a group of people struggling with their hair problems, the title should be written as “Embarrassed By Your Hair Loss? You Need to See This!”

Triggering the curiosity

This Drink Destroys Fat Cells

Psychological perspective: Not many people can fight against their curiosity about something.

The advantage point of this style of naming title is attracting those who don’t even spare a related interest on the product topic. Let’s say you have a title “This Drink Destroys Fat Cells”. This will lure not only people having an urgent need to loosing weight but also catch the eyes of those simply caring about the given information from your post.


Everything You Know About Wedding Planning Has Changed

Psychological perspective: people are attracted by unusual things.

Leaking something contrasting to the common know how. Of course, you have to ensure it makes sense. Theoretically say that: “Everything You Know About Wedding Planning Has Changed”. The core is showing them you are having something new strange and completely different from what they have been acknowledged of.

Review the product

Which Weight Loss Product Will Make You Fat?

Psychological perspective: People always search for their useful stuff.

You have to write a headline/title lifting readers’ sentiment of gaining something helpful for them. Customers like to read reviews of the product before purchasing it. For example: “Which Weight Loss Product Will Make You Fat?”.

“How to”

Here’s How to Improve Your Golf Swing In The Next 7 Days

Psychological perspective: The demand of being knowledgeable is one of the life core need.

Title as “How to” isn’t shocking or rising curiosity. It’s just formula as “How to+…”, but indicating that you are holding a solution/method to do something special. “How to” is also a frequent searching title on SERPs. Example shown as: “Here’s How to Improve Your Golf Swing In The Next 7 Days”


Stop Struggling to Attract Women Today!

Psychologist perspective: a command will put reader in rush of reading.

The issue may not be so serious but if you know how write a “Direct Command”, you will cause people wondering what is the reason behind the command. Get the sense of this example: “Stop Struggling to Attract Women Today!”

Top List

TOP 10 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Under $300

Psychologist perspective: People always care of the best.

This type of content is ease to write about too. You only need to search for and list out the best products then add some selling points in and present them to readers as “TOP 10 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Under $300”…

If the content sounds good, you will then conveniently narrow down consumer’s options and your chance to sell products out will be more potential.


10 Mistakes That Even Smart People Make

Psychological perspective: People cares much about mistakes based on human self-defense characteristic.

Topic “mistake” is magically attractive at any area. It shows writers’ experiences at the same time stimulate readers’ emotion as “if reading this post, I will be able to avoid making the same mistakes.”

For example: “10 Mistakes That Even Smart People Make”

“Who Wins In A Fight”

Who Wins In A Fight: The SEO Expert Or The Email Marketer?

Psychological perspective: People like competing

You intentionally put a comparison of two products in your customer’s attention and leave a question who will be the winner. More often, customer will stand on one side of the competence. For example: “Who Wins In A Fight: The SEO Expert Or The Email Marketer?”


A good article will be not completed when missing a nice catchy title. You should believe that there are a lot of your competitors out there writing about the same topic, having the similar content. Your advance weights more on the title to earn your post a better chance spreading further onto the market.

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