How to automatically find Google Trends, Youtube Trends and publish on Facebook pages and groups

Facebook is one of the main traffic source, nowadays. Site Owners are managing their own sites, at the same time taking charge of personal facebook; not included other social pages. If you are a content marketer, waking up every morning, there are always these questions coming up in your head:

  • What should I write in the content today?
  • What should I post on fanpage/group to get attraction?

In this article, I shall present a new cloud-based app, assisting you making a quick thought of what you should publish on fanpage/groups to maintain traffic on site.

What is Simplyviral?

Simplyviral is a software searching Google Trends, Youtube Trends – conventional contents often flourishing many interactives and automatically publish those contents on facebook pages or groups.

Furthermore, Simplyrival can get HOT viral content from 7 top viral sites in the world, including….

  1. Reddit
  2. YouTube
  3. BuzzFeed
  4. Little Things
  5. UpWorthy
  6. ViralNova
  7. Telegraph

Simplyrival can also get content from competitor’s fanpage and lay it on yours. Which means with Simplyviral, you will never lack viral content to publish. You won’t have to spend much time answering the ques “What will I publish on fanpage today?”

How to use Simplyviral?

It’s quite simple.

Step 1: Enter the keyword you’d like to, SimplyViral will search those relevant contents.

Step 2: Pick some having more like and share that haven’t been on your page to publish.

Step 3: You can publish immediately or set them to scheduling at another time as you want to.

Why should you use Simplyviral?

Boosting likes

Simplyviral can turn a fanpage from zero to 1000 like in a day:



You know specifically which content will spreading through

You may see sometimes some content is interesting, but it’s just your opinion; not so certain that content will bring much interactives. But Simplyviral will find those who already have many likes and share, configured spreadable, you can absolutely rest assured about its popular level.

Saving time and guarantee efficiency

Instead of doing the research yourself on pages like (Reddit, Youtube, BuzzFeed, Little Things…) SimplyViral will get them for you, sort them out and demonstrate the best of these catching in people’s attention ; helping you saving your valued time.

You can manage groups and pages right in Simplyrival’s interface.

This feature isn’t as complete as that of Facebook. However, it helps you on having a quick statistical look and justifying properly.

Saving expenses

You don’t have to pay monthly to use Simplyviral but setting One Time Payment only.

The price of SimplyViral isn’t so expensive. With only $47 to lifetime access and you can use all its features.

Surely you can’t compare Simplyviral to Buzzsumo, but Buzzsumo is steep ($99/month). SimplyViral will be your cut-cost solution.

Notes for using Simplyviral

  • Be smart in choosing the right content. You should input the exact keyword to make sure those contents published in on top are closest found. If the content isn’t so connected, instead of having more likes, you will be unlike.
  • Scheduling posting contents wisely. You may need to determine the proper time to post things on in order to get the crowded traffic. Shouldn’t posting too many too often as it will be annoying.·
  • Contents that have been chosen won’t be clarified. So that it will cause inconvenience to you sometimes.



 Single User License  Multi User License
Create Viral posts for Fanpages
Create Viral posts for Groups
Create & Schedule Multiple posts
Full editing & Customisation
Google Trends & YouTube Trends Search
Number of Viral Content Sources  ALL 7 ALL 7
Number of Facebook FanPages & Groups Allowed  1 500
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