Avoid Making these Mistakes to Keep Your Visitors on Your Site Longer

Keep Your Visitors on Your Site Longer
To keep visitors staying at your site for long, right at the very first brick building your site, you have to pay serious attention to its interface and make sure presented components have its role there. In my opinion, you shouldn’t build a site with a jungle theme and try not to add in too many components. There has been so many site owners who like to go behind others’ backs.They want to have the copy world on their site and has no clue of answering the key question “Do my site’s visitors really need it?”. Hence they are always attempting to be impersonate, many sites have been dumped into blunders, making Exit rate rise dramatically and bring bad effects on site’s ranking. These following practical scenarios are which I have seen many sites digged their own graves in, particularly to personal blogs.

There are other vital elements I will not mention here as:

  • Loading speed
  • Responsive
  • Design
  • Quality of content
  • Business firm (blog, selling, forum…)

These elements also impact on users’ experiences. However, there are already a lot of posts operating topics relating to them; you may easily find them on Internet. I will just talk about small notes in this post. However, their effects will be no less than the above vital ones. If your site are making any of what I’m gonna bring up below, you may have to consider to change it as soon as possible.

Font Size is so small

I can state that today websites are tempting to make bigger letter than those old sites. Of course, there is a reason for it. People are eventually spending time reading on their phones, tablets,… with the screen is built in just about 4-7 inches. Another reason is design trend nowadays is focusing on simplistic and specific. Therefore if your responsive screen is full of text, the text size has to be big enough to be read conveniently on the phone’s screen. When people feel comfortable to read, your text is now having a chance to transferred its message. Your chance to persuade visitors to stay longer will be higher. Let’s try to open your site on the phone. If the text is displayed like the below photo, you know that you have done it wrong.

Another problem about Font is you shouldn’t choose any “underline font” (like Times New Roman…). Don’t be surprised when I say there are still a lot of article presented in that font. First look seems to be elegant effect, but for sure, it will cause uncomfy reading after several minutes.

You can read advice of Robert Mohns in a post. His post may be really useful to you: “What’s the best font and size of the letter for the web?

No related links in the content

I know there are many plugins creating internal links and I have used them. Yet after quite a time, I decided to insert links in the manual way. It’s true that there is only you know which one is relevant, useful and may get into the reading sentiment. You should do it by yourself, insert the necessary link to engage visitor on clicking to the links when they start to feel a bit bored of reading the text; otherwise they may just immediately exit the page. However, the job of adding link shouldn’t be overused. At each <h2> you only need to use 1-2 relevant links. Using too many links with rick-anchor text will harm your site. You can lay those links below each paragraph. This way is the safest and most productive.

If you are writing a post with the topic “Online Marketing Trend in 2017” and mention to Cinemagraphs and GIFs among others components; since your post is in the limited topic, you can’t dig down more on Cinemagraphs and GIFs, you can add some related links right below the paragraph talking about these two matters, as:

“The differences between Cinemagraph and GIFs”
“The remarkable development of GIPHY-over 100 million of users everyday”

Therefore, there are always other interesting topics on the page for your visitors and they can make their time, stay a bit longer.

Have no emphasis in the content

It’s not difficult to catch a post full of words. I can’t help saying that they really make me fall asleep easily just by looking at them. The job of putting emphasis in the content isn’t difficult, but many blogger neglect it while you can mark your post by these simply methods below:


You pick a remarkable sentence in your post. The sentence can be your personal thought on a matter, your opposite thought, a statement that not many people think of or a key sentence of a paragraph. Then display it as a QUOTE sticking with an avatar or Twitter link… Visitors may just skim through your post but the QUOTE will catch their eyes and hold them on thinking about your message.

QUOTE will catch their eyes and hold them on thinking about your message.

Bold and change color

This is so important. The biggest difference between presenting words in writing and speaking is people will be unable to feel what you are stressing on without your intonation. Hence, you have to bold and change colors of the key words to clarify your points and attitude on the points. This will just make them understand as easy as if they are listening to YOUR TALK.

You don’t take advantage of Cinemagraphs and GIFs

I bring up Cinemagraphs and GIFs is because that is also the topic I care about recently. But you should not use more than a GIF in your post. If there is a existence of GIF, visitors will surely stop at the image for a couple of minutes or more to have a closer look at it. That’s the magic power of GIF, catching visitors’ eyes, instead of letting their eyes fly off the screen.



This is a normal react when someone visit a page having GIF.

  • If they’re patient enough to read the whole content downward, when it comes to GIF, they will pay attention to the GIF and keep looking at it at least three times. This is when they feel your content become more interesting and figure out some senses between the words and the images. Then they will continue reading your posts.
  • If they’re not that type of patient one, just scroll down to see topic lines, when it comes to GIF, they will stop, hold there for a while and wonder why it happens to be here. Then they will decide to scroll back read caption and content.

Therefore, in any case, GIF is always an eye-catching subject in your post.

Don’t know how to collect mail

Having visitors’ mails is the best way you can keep your visitors. They will come back your site through email marketing. If not, you should at least try to get their like on your facebook page so they can be in touch with your site later through chatbot marketing. I know there are some reasons making you not succeed in collecting mails and even make users feel so complicated. Sadly, many site owners make these same mistakes so often.

  • Popup appears at the very 5s after users access. You shouldn’t do it. 99% of people in this situation will close the popup immediately, as it interrupt their thought. Visitors come to your site by searching results. They obviously looking for something, some answer for their questions. Let them find what they’d like to see. At least, let them read the content, until they scroll it up to a half of the post or 2/3 of the post; then popup is on. To me, I will let the popup appear at the end of the content.
  • Popup shouldn’t personalized by images of site-owner. I rarely see someone mention this matter. Yet I shall analyze it for you as at the point of view of users. When you put your image on pop-up and invite them leave their mail, visitor may feel that they are interacting with you (an interaction between man and man), consequently they will listen to you advice. As if your popup is just an design image (but not your photo), your blog is nothing else but a sale page, visitors will feel insecure as they have no idea who they are interacting with. Who they will share their information with. If you still doubt what I say, Let’s try it. (Remember, your content quality is an elementary)

See also:

Content is too short

Backlinko have analysed from 1 million searching results and realised that those written passages in TOP 10 are mostly 1700 word-length. This may be over too much for you if you are not a professional one. Yet it proves that Google would highly vote for the contents. Don’t make a limit to yourself but try to research and break your own record to have more qualified and long content.

If it’s hard for you to do a long content, let’s try to have at least 20% of your post are 1500-2500 word-length posts. Following bufferapp.com, those posts with that length will be strongly shared on social network.

There is a tip to write a good sounding and long post. This is writing as LIST post. Reasons that you should choose LIST post are:

  • Easy to write: as LIST post is just listing relevant matters to the topic, not digging closer into every crooks and crannies. As so, writer can summarize and create a post containing helpful nuggets.
  • Readers stays longer: you should present LIST post as a countdown list following the importunity of the matters. Don’t list as 1-2-3-4… but start from 5-4-3-…1. This way will push people’s sentiment to read more and more.

Besides, to Buzzsumo, the average sharing consistency level of List post is just behind Infographic and more than Video or other posts as “how to…”

Nowadays, there are many bloggers as trying to write a long content, interpret a matter in different ways around; sounds just like a blatteroon. I think, you should choose LIST post to avoid those cases.

In conclusion

The list above is what I have recorded from my own experience. Surely, I will have to add in more in the future. However, the two essential jobs are: firstly put yourself as a customer and think for them; secondly do not stop updating every single move of the internet marketing industry everyday. Don’t let yourself be left behind so far.

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