How to use facebook messenger to build lists and send unlimited messages to your audiences

FanContact How to use facebook messenger to build LISTs
On April 12th 2016, Messenger Platform was launched and triggered the explosion of Chatbot. You know, at the time I was writing this post, Messenger Platform has already developed to the 2.0 version with a lot more various features. If you are not a programer, what I just mentioned may not come to the meant of revolution in your understanding. Therefore, I shall present it in the view of an Online Marketer.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Messenger Platform has completely changed the game of all Online Marketer. As far as you know, the target of getting to interact with more customers is always spinning around any Online Marketers mindset. Let’s think like this. Messenger apps of Facebook has been used by billions of people all around the world. It’s obviously the time that you don’t have to go and collect every single email address and pay monthly fee for email marketing. It should be time to focusing only on the social network which is today the most exciting and crowded ground on the Internet. Instead of waiting and holding an expectation that your customers may open those emails and click on links, you can know have more probable chances to interact with them through your fanpage by sending them messages.

There isn’t a convenient case for everyone to utilise Messenger Platform and build their own chatbot. I won’t discuss about building a chatbot here. I’m just trying to stay at the idea: utilising the newest influence from Facebook, particular in Messenger Platform; in order to transfer from the traditional list building model to the MORE RAPID and PRODUCTIVE one. The model doesn’t has to be chatbot marketing as you don’t spend time on making your chatbot smarter. Yet you use facebook messenger to build lists and send unlimited messages to your audiences. In another word, it’s facebook messenger marketing.

You can practice on both email marketing and facebook messenger marketing. Facebook messenger marketing isn’t so complicated to understand. There are basical 2 attemptions:

  1. Attracting people interacting through your fanpage as many as possible as for collecting subscribers.
  2. Planning and interacting with customers via facebook messenger efficiently.

The first temptation is a wide range of the marketing business and also a daily task of any Social Marketer. The second one demanding the sufficient high-tech condition, I will indicate 2 solutions, one is free and the other will charge for the service; leaving you some spaces to consider.

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There are many other options similar to Chatfuel. Yet you should consider choosing chatfuel as it’s the easiest one to use. And more outstanding side of it is FREE OF CHARGE.

At first, you need to have a fanpage with an remarkable number of Likes. If you use Chatfuel, there will be Persistent Menu with a text “Powered by Chatfuel” and you can’t get rid of this. Even so I don’t think it will become a serious matter.

*The Persistent Menu is open by default in Messenger and can be minimized at any time

Right at the time that you signed up successfully and logged in Chatfuel. Some templates will pop up and suggest you some options.

chatfuel template

You can click on “CREATE A BLANK BOT” to type in the consistent plot used in communicating with those people who like your fanpage. Either way, you prefer something even more simple than that, choosing a template named “Obtain user’s permission to send broadcasts”.

Obtain user’s permission to send broadcasts

When this template is chosen, chatfuel will automatically create a plot asking customers’ permissions to send them a message in a courtesy way. Some Blocks and Groups will be made instantly and you may need to reorganise them following your ideas. This job may takes some time when you freshly get to know chatbot. These are also basic and simple steps in building chatbot.

As using chatfuel, you will eventually get to acknowledge some terms of word such as Block, Group, Card… These are the general terms in building chatbot; you will see similar ones in different services as well, not only in chatfuel. I may explain in details when we get to another post in this blog.

During assembling, chatfuel also has a supporting state ‘TEST THIS CHATBOT’. You can test while programming without any interrupted effect to fanpage.

connect this chatbot AND test this chatbot

Now, when the plot is nicely completed, you click on Connect to facebook to export your chatbot.

The next job is sending messages to people who have accepted receiving messages from you. You click on “Broadcast” on the left side of the menu of Chatfuel, some other functions will be shown as:

  • Deliver your message now: you can send message immediately to every users who have subscribed.
  • Sequences: you can send message to a group of user which is identified in the same trait. This features will be like Segmentation in email marketing. It helps you utilise the transforming ratio as explicating the exact group of customers.
  • Schedule for later: you can set a plan up before the time sending messages out.
  • Auto-post from external source: this feature will work with some other plugins supported by chatfuel. For example: sending messages automatically with a link to the site, or post, tweet.. from social network. Some News websites will use this function when they have breaking news.

Facebook messenger marketing is still a fresh new method and hasn’t come to popular to many Online Marketer in the world. However, the future of it is forecasted as the latest adequate incentive. Some of the recent digital products have been made use of messenger platform supporting admins some easier and more efficient solutions to contact with customers. One of them should be recommended here as FanContact.


The biggest advantage of Chatfuel is you don’t have to pay any fee for all the provided features. I think this free service won’t last for long. Chatfuel is reviewed as being easy to use; but it had taken me a nearly a month to fully understand and be confident with using Group, Block, Card, Plugin, Attribute…etc. If you think they’re so complicated and want something easier to work with and manage, FanContact may be a better option for you.



FanContact has all the features needed to practice with Facebook Messenger marketing. I shall demonstrate some of its functions which aren’t found in Chatfuel.

Auto-Subcribe Commenterers

When someone comments on your post or message to your fanpage, it will automatically added that person to LIST. The features seems simple but it is practically productive. There are quite a lot of people showing their concerns on your post at the time, but later on they never come back. With Auto-Subscribe Commenters, you never lose your chance with these people.

Fancontact calls this feature Passive Opt-In Accelerator. As a pros, It’s absolutely efficient to admin. Customer does not need to do any confirmative step. Frankly, by using this feature, you are adding them in your list without asking for their permission. Talking about the con, if your message is sent to them at the wrong time and about the wrong concerned topic, you will turn out to be a spammer in their eyes. I think Passive Opt-In Accelerator will like a knife. You need to understand customer’s demand and come up with a wise plan messaging them.

The best way to making use of this function is adding “Send Message” button as the only button on the top page and add header graphics with very exposed arrow point to that “Send Message” button. By doing that way, you will impress whoever first visits your fanpage. And they are, therefore, willing to hit the “Send Message” button.

facebook header image with chatbot

facebook header image with chatbot

You can also use Fancontact matching with FanInviter that I have once mentioned. These two products belongs to the same vendor. This combination will help you not missing anyone out of interacting with your fanpage; accelerating the number in your LIST.

Easy to use

Of course, it’s a lot easier and more simple to use than Chatfuel. It supports some features as:

  • Segments
  • Sent Test Message
  • Adding Images, Videos Emotion Icons in the message
  • Autoreply: this function will automatically answer people who commented in the post. The message will appear in Messenger. In the content, there will a link leading to a website or a product’s presentation at the same ensuring the conversation sounding natural as it should be.
  • Send unsubscribe Link: (this function can help you show the respect to customer’s decision. They can decide whether continuing receiving your message by a click.)

You can watch this video of Brett Rutecky about his experience with the product.


Not all the people on your “facebook” list will receive the message. There will be some accounts personally setting the refused message status up; the message will, of course, be unable to go to these account. Even so, this number won’t be that concerned. Open-rate of Fancontact is incredibly high, up to 90% and a lot higher than that of Email Marketing.

Besides, I would like to emphasis a matter. You need to draw out a wise plan messaging people. Do not let your image turn to be a spammer to your customers. Do not forget to amend unsubscribe Link to sort those one not caring about your provided information out.

At the time, Fancontact only ask you to pay once. Those who would like to use Fancontact later on from this time, will pay monthly fee (following the vendor’s announcement). While, those who have paid at once, later on will not have to pay any fee. Therefore, this should be the best time for you to possess Fancontact and start practising on it.

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