LeadSensationz Review – Tool to search for potential customers

LeadSensationz Review
There are several crucial business factors today, such as social networking, youtube channel, website, SEO… However, It has been so popular to allure people in a cynical thought – “Who would ever do business without using these stuff!“. In fact, there are still a lot of stores and company out there, which may be so busy with running their business in the traditional manner and forget to build credibility on their Internet base and SEO. If you are a freelancer or a small service agent supporting on branding and online credit fundamental, LeadSensationz will help you spot out these business shortcomings and turn them to be a your customer.

What can Lead Sensationz do?

Even if you are not an expert in SEO, you can still make a lot of money based on some proper skills. Nowadays, you only need to know about wordpress, social page management, video creation… and will possibly achieve a mid-fairly high income. But the matter is where is the customer?

Lead Sensationz seeks and spotify the key factors that customers lack:

  • Don’t have a responsive website
  • Don’t have a fast loading website
  • Don’t even have a website
  • Don’t have a social presence (facebook, twitter, instagram…)
  • Need to improve their video marketing

These flaws can tremendously defects their business, therefore they will be likely to give you the chance to prove your competence.

Surprisingly, the number of these entrepreneurs isn’t a small one. As soon as you see their lacks, send them a persuasive and delicate email. For example: if you find 10 potential customers and send mails to them through Leadsensationz, it will be more efficient than sending via Email Marketing to 1000 leads.

Features of LeadSenstionz

Run your search

There are four requirements you need to input in order to have the wanted outsource.

  1. Keyword: you may not need to input longtail keyword, only type in words or phrases from any niche. Eg: dentist, doctor…
  2. Google API or Bing API: you should choose Google API as it will bring up more results.
  3. Location: is a location of the incentive customers. To get better precisive results, you should use suggested options from Google map.
  4. Radius: is a radius search from the location. For example, if you choose 1 km, LeadSensationz will scan all information of business and stores that exist in the chosen areas and be related to the input keyword.

Once you finish filling 4 sorts of information above, the programming will take a while to be processed.

Filter and Analyze

You can choose to click on searching results or using the export function from LeadSensationz.  I shall give you some proper suggestions can be used mailing your customers.

  • If the customer has got a website, recommend them to the designing website service.
  • If the customers has got a Facebook fanpage, suggest them to create selling chatbot, fanpage management…
  • If the customer’s website is loading so slow, suggest a SEO solution.
  • If the customer doesn’t have a responsive website, make them understand how important a responsive web is and give them an upgrade service option.
  • If the customer hasn’t got a Youtube channel, encourage them by offering a service of making professional video.

Sending Email

You can edit and send mail directly from LeadSensationz or export an list then write or use some of the samples here:

I am [Your Name], a local business consultant.

I help businesses elevate, sustain and flourish.

I am an expert in marketing and Internet business.

I was looking for [Niche name like Restaurants/Lawyers etc.] in [Area name] and I stumbled upon your details in Google Map and found that your website is having potential issues like slow loading, poor visibility on search engines, having low social media presence.

You know now a days everyone is going on line and your potential clients first research about you before they actually visit any local business or consultant.

Even though you are pro in your field it’s important to have online presence that I am sure will give immediate boost to your business.

Some of your competitors are already doing well with their web presence and you are losing your potential clients just because your website is having potential issues like slow loading, poor visibility on search engines, having low social media presence.

As an experienced Local consultant, I can help you to make your own high quality website and also share other marketing strategies so that your web presence would be improved and your business would grow in a much faster manner with better ROI.

I propose we meet once. If you can spare some time for a Skype call…just ping me on my

Skype ID: ____________   or call me on: _____________


[Your name]

You don’t have any essential skills

LeadSensationz’s founded flaws are very basic online marketing problems. If you are an experienced online marketer, you can probably solve these things out in several days. What if you are not, it will be fine, just outsource this stuff to people who do and take a nice, easy cut on every sale!

Notices from LeadSensationz

You will have to manage customers’ emails. Make sure that if they already refuse your offer, they will not see a similar email from you. It will decrease your brand credit if the mail is kept sending to the wrong person. My advice is you should export to an individual list, then import them to a service pot of email marketing (like MailGet). Your job of managing will be easier. LeadSensationz don’t focus on managing leads.

When you email customers, you are not only showing their issues, but also indicating some of your previous work you did. The point is showing them how productive it will work. It’s be more persuasive from your work profile.

If you are delicated on your work, build yourself a personal website or a landing page to attractive customer’s visit. By doing so, it’s helping your brand improve eventually.

In short, LeadSenstionz allows you to see thousands of incentive customers. Your job is left as the matter whether you know enough techniques and are ready to be busy.

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