Prediction: The Death of Backlink Building Technique

Prediction The Death of Backlink Building Technique

In order not to get the wrong picture of the headline, I’d like to state that Backlink will still a component in ranking. What exactly I would like to discuss about is the temptation of building backlinks (unnatural links). This technique has even got a dynamic market selling links all over the world. The change of using Internet influence, I’ve recently realized, makes me think of the scenario. In this scene, the technique will be steadily seized by Google and disregarded on a coming day. Besides, in this post, I also broke through on some more variant thoughts but they all surely grew all a logical ground.

Spam link – It’s always hard to quit doing a habit!

I don’t like a reduplicative job. It makes me sick of doing the same over and over again without putting any creative piece in it. Creating an account and creating links then recreating an account and creating links…is an example for that sort of jobs. If you read carefully the introduction of Link Schemes from Google, you will see that brings up so many unnatural links and definitely disadvantages the site.  

Honestly, I have done it when I was a newbie. As soon as, I came to know the difference between Backlink spammer and SEOer, I stopped doing it. Sometimes, we carelessly underestimate Google Algorithm. How in the world we are using Google Browser, using the same IP to rambling create links here or there and still convince ourselves that those links are all natural. Even more, some are using Submit URL Tool, from Google Search Console to ping links. It’s no difference to airing your dirty linen in public without any concern of the embarrassing matter.

Consequence is people keep ‘throwing shitty backlinks’ on forums and social networks. That’s why I give up on making this shit. There are many posts demonstrating building link pyramid or link wheel, etc… Yet I have to say these methods are already out of fashion. Ongoing, Google has already adapted that these are just backlink building patterns. No matter how beautifully you build link, your work can’t blind the AI (Artificial Intelligent).

Using TOOL to build link – A terrible mistake.

Ok, I did make this mistake. I found a gig on Fiverr, paid $5 to have him build links on a Youtube video and expected that my video would be ranked on top. Indeed, it came on the first page; however, only held the rank in about a half of day and failed forever. It’s really a terrible idea. Your site may be seriously penalized by Google. Keep this in mind ‘ALL OF THE BUILDING MASSIVE BACKLINKS SERVICES RUN THEIR WORK ON TOOLS.’ There is no such a thing offering as free will; no one really sets up their mind to build “100 natural backlinks” for you and charges only $5-10 for the service.

I’m done with that; never give an eye on those services anymore. These services still exist as there are so many “lack of knowledge” people out there. Surprisingly, the number of them is huge and enough to raising big demand for its own market. If you have ever followed a professional blog of the SEO specialist, you will see they never encourage such a work.

Overusing Rick Anchor Text and Spinning Content – Again, Underestimate Google!

In the last year, Internet has achieved a tremendous improvement of technology, specialized in Artificial Neural Network. It has reached to a new high level with neural algorithm (in which Facebook was a leader). Google has no longer been using keyword or phrase to analyze relevant content; but they are now using co-citation and co-occurrence algorithm to clarify exactly which is the original content.  

When I was a freelance Japanese translator, i shared a post with a headline as “Advice for a new Japanese leaner”  and completely had no idea about SEO with this longtail keyword “Is Japanese Hard to Learn?”*. Yet my post was still in top 3 on the first page searching result. Though, at that time, I have no intention becoming a SEOer and knew nothing about longtail keyword, you can see Google is smarter than we think it is.

Spinning content is a similar story, spin content is all about an algorithm, finding synonym. A good programmer can write for himself a similar software. Have you ever got to read sentences produced from content spinner? I’ll tell you it sounds awkward and make readers so uncomfortable when coming to read a spinning post. Unfortunately, those authors of these software are always flattering about their products.

“Quality of Content” and “User experience”.

Last year, many SEO forums and experts emphasized “user experience” will be the utmost criteria ranking on SERPs. Yet that is last year story. This year, Google introduced their Google Home, at the Google I/O event 2017 answering whatever you may likely question. Some experts predicted AI would be the ranking brain on searching engine. And you know, AI is smarter every second. It doesn’t  only see the first page or second page or 1xx page in searching result… it will productively give you “the best quality and most suitable” one. Ranking algorithm can be changed but the only thing that this algorithm CANNOT CHANGE is “quality of content” and “user experience”. People, therefore, may redefine SEO as it may not be SEO on-page or SEO off-page; but it should be “quality of content” and “user experience”.

Algorithm can’t be changed consistently

You know, when a google algorithm is updated,  within a short time, millions of entrepreneurs are benefited at the same time other millions are losing their revenue, not counting to individual ones. Many experts have already predicted the death of building backlink technique is just a proper scene in the future, though it will takes time to see it happen in 100%. In another word, we are in the interval of time between one and another algorithm developing process, particular in ranking system. If you would like to go on a long run with SEO career, you need to adapt and update your perspective of the matter. The final result of the matter will turn out soon or later.

*Vietnamese keyword

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