How to Send 150,000 emails/month for Free in Wordpress

Just like Sendgrid, Mailgun, Elastic Email us also a provider of SMTP Server; its service is free of charge, qualified and credible.

Elastic Email running similarly to MailChimp, there are 2 main services; Email and SMTP Server. However, the free package here is better than MailChimp. It FREES up to 150000 email/month(max 5000 email/day). When using over this free limit, you only have to pay $0.09 for 1000 email sent (it has to be considered as the cheapest service in the market today).

Not like other providers, the way of calculating email sent is not based on the list of email in your account. So that you can save as many as you like to (Unlimited Contact Storage).

To Email Marketing, Elastic Email has a plentiful template storage about various topics; a drag and drop email tool flexibly assisting you compose your emails quickly and easily. Elastic Email supports on building campaigns, automation, full report and even providing a function of online survey.

Elastic Email also provide SMTP Server information to let you send transactional email. 150,000 email/month is not only a nice number meeting up with the limit of sending Email Marketing, but it is also the limit of sending mail through SMTP Server.

With 6 datacenters in America, Canada and France, Elastic Email will automatically choose the closest datacenter to your location when sending mail; certaining the fastest speed in available zone.

Finally, Elastic Email is one of the best free Email service you should consider to use up to now. This article will mainly demonstrate the introduction of SMTP Server for a WordPress website. About Email Marketing and other features I’ll leave some room for your curiousity run by itself.

Normally, when using WordPress or other source code, we always use SMTP information of Hosting to send mail notification. However, as Hosting IP sharing with lots of other websites, the probability sending to blacklist is quite rash; then mail will be moved to Spam. In another case, in order to protect server, some providers even prevent sending mail. Without paying a good concern, you won’t be able to figure out it. Therefore, using external SMTP will depreciate those unwanted cases, sending mail faster and always landing right in Inbox but not Spam.

Create an account on Elastic Email

Access to the Elastic Email homepage, hit Sign up free and fill in register info.

You should try to create a strong password.

Check your current using for register mail and click “activate your account”.

After done the job, your account will be limited sending only 5 emails/day. In order to remove this limit, update some more of your information for the account. Click to “Click here to update”.

Fill in your personal information, including: name, phone number, … then press Save.

The SMS announcement for verification will pop up, then press Next. Fill in your phone number and Elastic Email will send you a igniting code.

Fill in the received code and press Send.

You can then click to menu Account and will see the number of Emails you can send everyday is 5,000. Following that, you can send up to 150,000 mails a month for free. It’s quite feasible sending transactional email to you from now on.

Establishing WordPress to send Mail with Elastic Email

Elastic Email have a plugin specially for wordpress, Elastic Email Sender. Yet I will show you how to use WP Mail SMTP plugin, being thorough with the process of getting log-in information from SMTP Server, then you can elastically apply the same recipe to other source code, not only with WordPress.

Install Plugin

Enter into WordPress admin, install and enable plugin WP Mail SMTP.

Connect WordPress to SMTP Server of Elastic Email

Enter Settings on Dashboard on the left side of the menu, choose Email.

At Advanced Email Options, you will need to fill in some parameters as:

Sender information: email sending, name of sender, choose sending option.

Note: tick on Send all WordPress emails via SMTP to set a default sending all emails through this transmission. Press Save Changes.

Connect WordPress to Elastic Email

In order to connect Elastic Email to WordPress, you need to get in SMTP Configuration of Elastic Email to extract information.

After that using those extracted information (like Username, Password, Server, Port) to fill in plugin WP Mail SMTP.

  • SMTP host: default is
  • SMTP Port: 25, 2525, 587 or 465.

To website using SSL (Use SSL encryption) choose port 465. For the rest, if using TLS (Use TLS encryption) or not using any transmission protocol, we will use those ports 25, 2525 và 587. Some providers block port 465 but open 587; so it’s better that you try both till sending mail succeed.

  • Authentication: choose Yes: Use SMTP authentication.
  • Username: is the registered email of Elastic Email account
  • Password: password will be automatically created by Elastic Email in SMTP Configuration.

Sending email test

Type in an email address then press Send Text testing if the setting is right.

If receiving an announcement bool(true), you have done the setting successfully.

If receiving an announcement bool(false), you may make a mistake at some of the steps. Recheck carefully on every step and review all important parameters like SMTP port, Username, Password…

Notes from using Elastic Email

If you send more than 5,000 email a day, Elastic Email will charge on the 5.001 ongoing at $0.09 per each among the 1000 following emails.

If you use Advanced Marketing Tools (enabled with all accounts as in default), you will be charged on the number of contacts at the price table here and will receive the benefit from the limitation policy. To turn it off, go in Settings->Others and deselect Enable Advanced Tools.

Good luck!

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