SEO Gamechanger Review – Manage, Scale & Grow Your SEO Business Without Spreadsheets

These are my critiques on Seo Gamechanger after registering an account on SEO Gamechanger and blending into Dashboard to experience its functions.

What is SEO Gamechanger?

To me learning about SEO is easy. It only takes some hours to figure out what you need to do. But you will have to spend years later to understand how you execute those jobs.

When SEO becomes your full time job, you are asked to have a sufficient management solution saving your time and maintaining productive.

There will be a time, your workload exceed the high volume of daily tasks, you will dive into note files, excel sheets on the managing job. SEO Gamechanger is a cloud based software, designed to arrange all the work of the SEOer at one tidy place.

Main Features of SEO Gamechanger

When users come to Seo Gamechanger, most of them are looking for a efficient managing method or a solution to change their current management to a better one. Therefore, if Seo Gamechanger can’t prove for itself as an outstanding logical, it will be difficult to attract clients using their products. These are features provided by Gamechanger:

  • Eliminate Spreadsheets for tracking all your SEO Data
  • Track and manage your PBN network including domain renewals, hosting, expenses, links, metrics
  • Track earnings and expenses both per client and at an overall business level
  • Task management and allocation including allocation to Staff/Virtual Assistants and reminders/notifications
  • Track & record outsourced work (fiverr gigs etc)
  • Client task management and reporting including checklists and reminders
  • Sub Accounts for VA’s and Agencies
  • See more…

What I do like about Seo Gamechanger

The interface is simple to manage and easy to use

SEO Gamechanger is demonstrated clearly and exclusively. There is no difficulty for a new client to get used to with working on it. For SEO work needed to interact with a lot of information, SEO Gamechanger present them as a menu-landscape orientation in order to display more info on each column in the table.

This interface is responsive on mobile phone as well. Yet when I try it on Iphone 6S+, those interface of PBNs, List, Tasks aren’t fit, too many column presented on narrow space.

Connecting with AHREFS through API

Information as UR (URL Rank), DR (Domain Rank)… is extracted from Ahrefs via API. It means you don’t need to log in Ahrefs to see those information.

Order articles right on Dashboard

It’s really convenient. You don’t have to log in another page to get an order but having it right on Dashboard. It costs at least $7 for an article with 700-word length. After it is done, the written product will sit in “ARTICLE LIBRARY”.

Managing PBNs

If you choose SEO Gamechanger to replace your managing method, you need to import all your sites into PBNs LIST through a sample excel.

Right here, these info like DA, UR, IP, Domain renew day will be fully presented, giving you an overview about how efficient your job is.


Sub-account is a nice feature for those teams running their SEO service business. At that time, Team Leader will have the master SEO Gamechanger account and can also access to setup and manage access of multiple users.

By that mean, the job will be divided to many people under the control of only one manager. However you will have to pay more on having more than 1 sub account.

Thoughtfully support

One of the first impression of seo gamechanger to me is the supported menu on the right hand side. You know, it brings a secure feeling for someone at first use. Seo gamechanger applied the Groovehq platform for their support. Whoever has used Groovehq will experience how convenient it is. You can look up information at the same time sending ticket directly to support team right on Dashboard.

What I do not like about SEO Gamechanger

There is only a source where you can order a composed article. It is

At the time, you don’t see any other option but If SEO Gamechanger later amend some more services like iwriter… I think there will be more clients coming in.

Doesn’t support on managing many social network account at the same time

One of the essential element of seo nowadays is social network. Each client in SEO Gamechanger will surely have more than a social page. They will sometimes have to ask for another service to manage them (expense increases). Though SEO Gamechanger advertises itself as a managing tool for all facets of SEO, they don’t support on the most important facet (such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter…). Maybe it is too demanding for a newborn product. If they do, however meet up the need later, it will be a big plus for Seo Gamechanger.

There is no show/hide option on each column on PBNs LIST/Client LIST/ Task LIST interface

As there are a lot of information columns in one tone of color, I often get mess up with data TF, DA, UR, DR… Besides, there are several unnecessary columns like PBN type, Niche… I think these should be put on show/hide option, so users can easily manipulate them. Should also be added more colors to mark important info, for example: domain is running expired…


Anyway, you can register a free account to experience the product before put down a decision on buying it.

40 PBN Licence

$37 month
Manage up to 40 PBNs
1 Sub Account

80 PBN Licence

$57 month
Manage up to 80 PBNs
3 Sub Accounts


$97 month
Unlimited PBNs
Unlimited Sub Accounts

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