Which is The Best Wordpress Plugin to Sell Digital Products?

Which is The Best Wordpress Plugin to Sell Digital Products?
Are you looking for the best wordpress plugin to sell Digital Products? When you see articles on Internet about this topic, most of them will demonstrate how to build a online store by using wordpress with the combination of different plugins. I don’t go against that way, but you should know that you have to pay quite lots of different fees on each feature. It’s obviously not a saving at all.

A year ago, I created a website named JapaneseQuizzes.com. It’s a memberships site about studying Japanese. On that website, users pay monthly fee to do quizz tests, download materials, study Japanese at home..etc. As being a Japanese translator, the work on the content doesn’t cause any problem to me. Yet technical problems are another story. I went to search on with the key phrase “Best wordpress plugin to Sell Digital Products”. However, the searching results left me in a merge feeling, hesitating which one should be chosen for my project.

For those have been in the same situation, besides those popular plugins, I shall suggest you a brand new wordpress plugin, named Wpdigipro. It’ll be an All-in-One solution for you, supporting on building an online store and managing it effortlessly. Clarifying the best wordpress plugin selling digital Products is not an easy job. I don’t state the best one is Wpdigipro since it still depends on what sort of product you choose to run for your business and how you’d like to manage them. But I will make a comparison between Wpdigipro with other plugins, in order to give a general review and pick out the best suited your demand.

This is the list of wordpress plugins to Sell Digital Products that will be critiqued and compared.

  1. Easy Digital Downloads
  2. Wpdigipro
  3. WooCommerce
  4. WP eStore

(The ordinal order above is just random, not specifically ranking)


Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

Easy Digital Downloads is one of the precious wordpress plugin in The GoDaddy WordPress Plugin Partner Program Directory. So that if you are using GoDaddy’s hosting, you can also download this plugin and experience the free version. Most of the eCommerce plugins, Easy Digital Downloads will create some default sites, such as: Products, Checkout, Cart, etc…and you only need to add products, description, prices…then starts making money.

Easy Digital Downloads


Wpdigipro is a new published wordpress plugin in 2017, specified with various compacted features. It makes convenience for business owners merchandising many different products. It can be considered as the simplest one of the 4 plugins mentioned in this post. Following elearningindustry.com, the revenue of eLearning market has climbed to the incredible number at 51 billions of dollar. And eLearing is just one of various type of digital products. Therefore, in the age of merchandising digital product, a plugin can be used easily to creating digital products, like Wpdigipro is certainly necessary.



WooCommerce is a familiar name to anyone doing online business. It can’t be denied that Woocommerce has been a revolution in transforming wordpress sites into online stores. WooCommerce does not only support physical products, but also helps boosting the number of sale of digital products by adding extensions. It can be said that WooCommerce is the today most popular plugin selling online. However, the way of using it is complicated; you need some time to get used to with working on it. For example, you want to build a store selling digital products, it doesn’t mean you only install WooCommerce and the job is done. You furthermore have to sophisticatedly combine those add-on like WooCommerce Memberships, WooCommerce API Manager… to furnish the stores as your imagination.


Wp eStore

WP eStore is the product of tipsandtricks-hq.com. It’s the cheapest one in the 4 plugins mentioned the post. WP eStore is also packed with full function assisting you building an online store professionally. Nevertheless, I don’t really vote much for demo provided by tipsandtricks-hq.com. It doesn’t look eye-catching. WP eStore is alike Wpdigipro at the point you don’t have to pay monthly fee or pay per add-on. You only need to make the payment once to have full service and features.

WP eStore


  1. Easy Digital Download: Starter Package – 359$
  2. Wpdigipro: PERSONAL SINGLE LICENSE – 49$
  3. WooCommerce: Standard WooCommerce features (FREE) + Extensions (PAID)
  4. Wp eStore: 50$


 Not included

There are some features MUST BE INCLUDED, but won’t be talked about here. I just pick some features that can tell differences between the 4-plugin to let you have the most general look. Besides, those comparisons attempting to the job that you are building a store selling digital product not a physical one.

If your products are mostly physical, I don’t think there should be another option that is better than WooCommerce. Yet if you sell digital one, you may need to glance at this brief:

Payment Gateways

You need to decide one or two MAIN payment gates for your stores. To digital products, you can’t miss the Paypal one.

Easy Digital Downloads Wpdigipro WooCommerce  Wp eStore
PayPal Standard
Amazon Payments
2Checkout 89$ 79$
Authorize.net 89$ 49$
Stripe 89$
Google Wallet
BitCoin 89$ by Stripe
Braintree 89$
and More… You have to pay premium extension for other payment gates. You have to pay premium extension for other payment gates.

*All price options are billed yearly. You may cancel your subscription at any time.

So that if you decide to use the main gate as Paypal, the 4 plugins support it for free. If you want to choose a new gate as Bitcoin, which is quite developing nowadays; you can then pick Wp eStore. If you are still working on WooCommerce and want to amend the Bitcoin Gate, you can search the keyword “Bitcoin Payments for WooCommerce”. Yet I’m still not so sure about its rate-compatible with these plugins.

Email Autoresponders

EDD Wpdigipro WooCommerce  Wp eStore
Aweber 49$ 29$
MailChimp 49$
GetResponse 49$ 59$ (by Zapier)
Mad Mimi 29$
ActiveCampaign 19$
Campaign Monitor 29$ 49$
Constant Contact 49$
Sendy 49$ 59$ (by Zapier)
Drip 79$
ConvertKit 49$
Mailer Lite

*All price options are billed yearly. You may cancel your subscription at any time.

Core Features for Digital Product Business

Download Link Protection: The download link is only accessible by people who have bought your products.

Assign Trial Periods: In some cases, you want to let people try your products before they buy. So we have added trial option for your products.

Adding License Key: If you are selling WP themes or plugins, you can add license key for your products. This is the perfect solution to protect your product from thief and cheater.

Enable Recurring Fee: If you want to sell recurring fee product, this featured recurring fee option for your digital products.

Discounts: Create standard or conditional discount coupons using the discount coupon functionality. Use it to allow your customers to buy your products at a discount.

Tracking and report: Graph reporting to see your product sales stats with date filters and product filters.

Email Notification: Purchase receipt, sales notification, login info, recurring billing reminder, etc. You can customize the email content, and turn on/off.

Custom Currency: You can sell your products in any currency, it’s up to you to add custom currency. This is the perfect solution if you’re selling in your local market.

Page Protection: Restrict particular page for e.g. the buyers of product A only. It’s customizable, you can restrict as many page you want, unlimited pages. And you can restrict a page for multiple products as well.

Invoicing in HTML and PDF: Complete system for generating invoices for all customers.

Affiliate: Affiliate recruitment, management and tracking.

Amazon S3: You can put your product files on Amazon S3. It’s the perfect solution for distributing large files. And your customers can access the files through your site.

JVZoo integration: Expand your market by integrating your products into JVZoo.

Pixel Management: Facebook Ads conversion pixel, Adwords conversion pixel, or any pixel code…

EDD  Wpdigipro  WooCommerce Wp eStore
Download Link Protection
Assign Trial Periods 19$
(by Restrict Content Pro)
(by WooCommerce Subscriptions)
(by WP eMember Integration)
Adding License Key

(by Software Licensing)

(by WooCommerce API Manager)
Enable Recurring Fee 199$
(by WooCommerce Subscriptions)
Discounts 89$
(by Discount Pro)

(by Dynamic Pricing)

Click Tracking 89$ 79$
(Report Extension)
(by E-Commerce Tracking)
Product Report & Statistic 89$  79$
(Report Extension)
(by E-Commerce Tracking)
Email Notification 29$
(by Per Product Notifications)
(by Advanced Notifications)
Custom Currency
Page Protection 49$
(by Content Restriction)
(by WooCommerce Memberships)
Invoicing in HTML and PDF

(free plugin: WooCommerce PDF Invoices)

 (by eStore Receipt Creator)
Affiliate 99$
(by Affiliatewp)

(by Affiliatewp)

(by WordPress Affiliate Platform)
Amazon S3 49$


JVZoo integration 49$
(by caffeinepressmedia)
Pixel Management
EDD WPDigiPro Woocommerce WP eStore

*All price options are billed yearly. You may cancel your subscription at any time.


If you want to have a store running its business as a corporation does, WooCommerce will be the right option; since the capacity of expanding of WooCommerce seems unlimited.

If you are an experienced blogger and would like to sell courses on your personal blog to share your expertise, Wpdigipro should be recommended for your demand.

If you are just a newbie, you don’t understand much of wordpress or coding, want to sell downloadable products, Easy Digital Download fits your choice. However it charges quite high, WP eStore or Wpdigipro is still a substitute option.

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